Leonard Cohen "I'm Your Man" Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another By Request Song Tutorial. In celebration of Leonard Cohen’s 82nd birthday, I’m breaking down the chords, strumming patterns and lead lines to his 1988 classic “I’m Your Man.” This arrangement is designed to jump-start the progress of beginner-intermediate players, as it requires the employment of some of the most essential guitar techniques including bar chords, single note picking, the use of scales, and a variety of strumming patterns. Let’s get started!

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  1. Rosa Cristina Carniato

    Bravo! you sing veeeery well! and play very well too!

  2. Very well done, Rob! Thank you very much. Btw., your Guild sounds amazing.

  3. Hey!! I would really appreciate if you teach Famous Blue Raincoat as well. Ruman here from India, much love.

  4. hi !! Woow you're a great guitarist .. but a very great singer too !! 🙂 you have a very good voice !!!! bravo !!!

  5. lindaliz_girl1 cupcake

    the best part of this video is the sleeping dog, what a lucky dog!

  6. Thank you for making this video!! I'm really into this song, and your lesson keeps it simple and fun to play. I'm a beginner, and I have a question. Can you explain why, on the B minor chord, you move your index finger up and down to the A and E strings? Since it's a bar chord, shouldn't your finger be pressing those strings anyway? Just trying to understand guitar better, thank you!

  7. Id like you thank your beautiful dog for helping me through this lesson

  8. Love the song, and love your version!

  9. Congratulation Rob, your lessons are excellent.

  10. Momcilo Kartalovic

    magnificent solo!

  11. Great tutorial, congratulations! Thank you so much

  12. I'm gonna start advertising your vids ,they just don't have enough vieuws !! , learned a lot from you thank you so much for the hard work and for continuing your vids they help a lot , greetings from France.

  13. Possibly the best I have heard. Can not get your web site to open

  14. The Voltage Villain

    You sing really well. Great playing too and the solo is impressive. Thanks

  15. excellent rob…. great keep up the good job… expecting more lessons on blues routine

  16. Dogs should be required for all guitar lesson videos. No dog? No vid!

  17. Looks like you need to fret dress that guitar boy

  18. Hi Rob You are doing nice and great Please make a tutorial on Harry Potter Theme As soon as Possible

  19. that sounds great, i got to learn it
    if i wouldnt have subscribed alreay i would have now 😉 – thumbs up

  20. Always interesting lessons here!

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