Lesson #1: Warm Up Session Lvl.1 (Bass Exercise) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

Warm Up Exercises For Bass
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*All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment!

*Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D’addario .045 Standard Strings)/ Fred Stevens Les Paul Guitar – ESI Ugm-96 Interface – PC (Digital Processing)

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  1. Trying these on my six string is like torture on the left hand, but hopefully helpful in the end?

  2. Dumb question. Around how many times do I have to do this to do this properly like you?

  3. In what tempo/Bpm do use exactly? want to make sure, so maybe i can customize speed. Thanks :)

  4. Nice video .One question only. I have gotten used to muting the strings with my ring and pinky fingers of my plucking hand while I'm resting my thumb on the magnet , should i continue playing like this or switch to muting with my thumb ?

  5. Hi, thanks for the great videos. I have a problem with thumb muting. Even though I can play all the excercise, I can't follow the thumb muting of the upper strings and i just let my thumb lay down on 4th string. Does muting really matters?

  6. This exercise should be called 'hand strengthening session'.

  7. Next challenge to all right-handed bass players: Do this with left hand, don't invert the strings. We might have some fun stuff :"D

  8. gran video empezare a practicar con los tuyos,si no es mucho pedir quisiera verlos en español gracias

  9. Андрей Кошель

    *Start with quarter notes and then increase speed (Начинаем с четвёртых, затем увеличиваем скорость)

    *Practicing slowly can improve your hand posture (Медленная практика поможет в постановке ваших рук)

    *Try to keep your fingers close to the string (Старайтесь держать пальцы как можно ближе к струнам)

    *That will help your speed and accuracy (Это способствует развитию скорости и точности, да и смотрится круче)

    *Try to always put your fingers at the edge of the frets (Старайтесь всегда ставить пальцы ближе к краю лада)

    *Alternating fingers in your right hand is important (Чередование пальцев правой руки – это очень важно)

    *Place your right hand thumb in the strings to get support (Поместите большой палец правой руки на струны для опоры)

    *Going back in the fretboard can be harder (Возвращаться назад по грифу может быть сложнее)

    *Touch the fretboard with jast fingers, no hand (Касайтесь грифа только пальцами, не рукой)

    *Don't waste energy on exaggerated hand movement (Не расходуйте энергию на широкие движения рук)

    *First frets are frequently harder to play smoothly (На первых ладах труднее играть ровно)

    *Once you're done, try eighth notes (Как только вы закончите, попробуйте восьмые ноты)

    *Also you can try with 16th notes (Также вы можете попробовать 16-ые ноты)

  10. Thanks a lot man, i really love your videos, it helps me so much

  11. I cant even do the 1/8 notes lol my picking hand is fine, my fretting hand just isn't fast enough What can I do?

  12. bueno

  13. I commonly use this video as a warm up for jam sessions! The only issue i have is when i get to the lower notes. My wrist and arm start hurting. Should I be holding it different?

  14. I'm jnew to bass. Someone gave me a nice one and I wanna use it to play gospel and Christian neo-soul/jazz.
    I gotta lonnnng way to go, but I can learn quickly. I think Imma rock witcha all the way man!
    Question: Why does the larger muscle at the base of my thumb hurt?
    It might be because I'm super noobish or my strings are too high/I'm fretting too hard (I just used "fretting" in a sentence: beastmode here I come)
    What thinketh thou??

  15. Don't have a bass yet but this could be useful * subscribe *

  16. how to make ur fingers stronger :'(

  17. Exactly the practice I am looking for. Thanks.

  18. muy bueno!! gracias por compartir. de menos a mas.

  19. so i really want to get into playing bass, and i went to check some out today but it seems like my hand is too small to reach all 4 frets at the top :(.. would u recommend a short scale bass? or is it a huge difference from standard scale?

  20. Javier Alejandro Garay

    Muchas gracias! estoy empezando en el bajo y esto me sirve muchisimo!
    Me suscribo

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