Lesson 24 Somebody Like You

Day 24 of the 30 Songs In 30 Days.
Somebody Like You is a fun song, with a cool intro riff on acoustic guitar. Have fun!!!!
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  1. Thanks you Keith. It is very generous of you to provide us these valuable and patient lessons. đŸ™‚

  2. Carlos Alberto Claros


  3. Larry Wilson videos

    57 idiots

  4. Thank you Keith Urban your an Amazing Soul, I was always looking forward for this awesome opportunity to spend my time learning with you, which I love all the lessons and music that you play, I am a believer!!

  5. Hahahahah woooow super my best singer

  6. Keith's a gem doing this . Which more star players would do this . Mr McCartney ?

  7. Quadrider2005-alex- Gaming

    Hated the Adam one

  8. It was the coolest thing to see you be the one to teach this Keith as I randomly looked this up. Cheers.

  9. Hi Mr. K. Urban Pls can you make a guitar tutor for Grace of God

  10. get a hair cut for fuck sake, who has the same hair style for 30 years!

  11. I love keith urban:-) Super talented plus i do love this song very much:-) Avid fan here from Philippines

  12. can you do a lesson with the song you don't know what its like by the bee gees. Your version I would love to learn

  13. Awesome man. Thank you so much! So cool

  14. Master himself in da house! You are awesome! Keep being who you are, people loves you!

  15. Super respect Keith. Down to earth stars willing to share their trade is a rare gem. Not to mention, excellent guitar lessons. Thank you so much!

  16. Ayato Othala Morgenstern

    Oml I found this by accident. I'm so happy!!!

  17. Keith that was an awesome lesson. My wife and I see your show every time you come to Jacksonville Florida.

  18. chord of right on back to you

  19. Amazing

  20. 51 people complete cunts

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