Lesson: Bass-and-Melody Fingerstyle Soloing Exercise For Beginners – Guitar Tutorial w/ TAB

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  1. Thank you for this lesson!
    It forced me into using my thumb to fret that F# and F, and even though it protests, somehow it started to work.

    For a bit simpler progression I sometimes play some picking pattern over Am, Am/G, Am/F#, Am/F into E.
    So Am/F instead of F, sounds a bit different but good as well, and may be easier to do if you don't bar all that quickly yet (I have a problem going from the thumb-over shape of Am/F# to barred F comfortably, the thumb still throws me off 😉 )

  2. This is what the hit the road jack has. Bass progression and even the same bass notes. I can hear it out ^^

  3. Hii sir .I am Norbu Tashi.can you make a tutorial on perfect by ed sheeran. Plz..

  4. Great tutorial! What model Taylor is that?

  5. Thx again

  6. Bravo c est clair j'adore bravo merci.

  7. pls do fingerstyle for 'The Last of The Mohicans'. pls

  8. Steve Sturdivant

    That is as sweet as a guitar or two can get !!!!

  9. The Gaming Realm

    Please do tabs and chords for the song Carnival of Rust – Poets of the Fall!!

  10. You are the fucking best classical guitarist I’ve ever seen dude, you are in the next level!

  11. How can i request a Song i want to learn in fingerstyle? im willing to py for it of course. i already looked at your patreon site… couldnt find the info…

  12. Hopefully I will find a teacher of music like you (not only a guitar teacher), you are really good, thanks a lot from Spain. I learn even English with you. Keep playing!

  13. Kati Pressmann

    Love your lessons!:) Could you do a fingerstyle arrangement of steve vai – for the love of god? Definitely couldn't wait to hear that! 🙂

  14. Albane Letombe

    The face of the small dog in the intro lol. Not too sure what's going on..

  15. Joelikesguitar

    Another great lesson. There is always something learned from these lessons even if it's just another way to look at a piece of music. Thanks for all the great work you do. Sounds like Feeling Good Nina Simone and sounds good too.

  16. My soul to one who tells me name of the song 1:161:22

  17. Beautiful Video i have a reaaaaaally good song i' recommend right fucking now for one of ur lesson Videos

    Elliot Smith – Angeles

    When u don't know the song (what i don't think) TAKE A LISTEN AND U WILL DO INSTANTLY A LESSON FOR REAL


  18. MD. NUR-E-RIYAD Sharon

    Hello Guru! After long time I'm watching u. U know u r my first guitar tutor. Nice to see the Taylor in your hand.

  19. Please more videos like thisssssssss melodic fingerstyle. I love it!!!!

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