Lesson: Brandy – Looking Glass | Guitar

In this video you will learn to play Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) by Looking Glass. I’ll teach you the chords and a great picking hand skill that can be used in many other songs!

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00:00 – Video Introduction
01:13 – Intro
07:20 – Verse
12:01 – Chorus
12:43 – Bridge


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**About This Video**
In this video Jimmy Paragallo teaches a guitar version of Brandy by Looking Glass. This classic 70’s pop tune works well on acoustic and electric guitar. It has some tricky rhythms but it is worth the time to learn! Check out this video and add this one to your repertoire!

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  1. Jimmy Paragallo Guitar

    TODAY'S TOPIC: What songs would you like to learn next? Let me know right here in the comments section!

  2. Love this, I've bee. Chasing this songs for years and checking for someone to post a decent lesson.

  3. im new to you Jimmy. You are a great teacher. Thank You. Do you live in Florida ?

  4. I really enjoyed that lesson. It's a rare thing on Youtube to find a song lesson video that teaches all rhythm. Most everyone wants to learn the lead licks but as everyone always points out, the rhythm is the backbone of the song. Keep up the great videos Jimmy.

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