LESSON | how to play “China Grove” on guitar by the Doobie Brothers | electric guitar lesson

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play “China Grove” by the Doobie Brothers from their 1973 album “The Captain and Me.”

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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/china-grove–rhythm–solo.html

  2. Can you do an acoustic tutorial on cirice from ghost?

  3. First song on electric that my guitar teacher taught me in 1979 or so. Wish we'd had video back then. We carved it up into about five pieces (and lessons, at $25 apiece, which was fairly steep back then) before I got it nailed down.

  4. Will you please do the solo!

  5. Martijn Bemelen

    Fantastic – as usual!! Ordered a 2nd hand 'ART SGX2000' on the net(had one before and 'lost it') helping me recreating the right sound while practicing

  6. Awesome and fun song to play. I'm having a blast playing it. Thanks for posting. Great job breaking it down!

  7. IShldHavBghtaSqrl

    Hah! Great lesson and a grand old tune, brings me back to a different world. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Best guitar tutorials on the web. Thanks so much for your knowledge and attention to detail.

  9. Your lesson on this tune encouraged me to revisit it, and make some worthwhile adjustments. I'm now looking forward to the solo lesson. Nicely done, and thank you.

  10. Marcus Schneider

    could you do a lesson on tree top flyer

  11. this lesson has really inspired me to get my rhythm playing sorted out, I'm a rubbish player wanting to get good enough to play with other people

    fantastic work!

  12. Makes me want to put down my acoustic for a while. GREAT rhythm

  13. Great song and band thanks for the lesson.

  14. potential2themax

    Superb as always… Question; isn't the third chord C sharp minor over D?

  15. Thanks Andy. You the man.

  16. Are you using the Axe FX?

  17. Michael Taylors

    You are a treasure . I tried learning this decades ago. Didn't get very far and what I did play was well, a little off. Lol . For starters , I was doing the up down chucka -chuka -cheat . Your opinion about guitarists and the 95% is 100% true. It has always been about the groove, punctuated with a solo that grooves just as hard.

  18. Tommy Johnston!…….. NOT Johnson! 🙂

  19. Great lesson , Tom Johnson's sound is the Doobie Brothers . Great insight on Johnson's rhythm playing , per Johnson in interview : It was about a guitar style I called “chucka chucka," which for me was about playing percussive stuff and finding a way to put a drummer into the song without a drummer being there. That’s also where “Long Train Runnin’” came from.

  20. The Doobie Bros are back in action lately with Tom Johnson!

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