LESSON | how to play “Long Train Runnin'” on guitar by the Doobie Brothers | electric guitar lesson

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An electric/acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Long Train Runnin'” by the Doobie Brothers from their 1973 album “The Captain and Me.”

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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/long-train-running–rhythm.html

  2. ComfortablyNumber51

    Still no "Hot Stuff"? 😉 Then how about "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty?

  3. Nice reverb and rhythm analysis

  4. More Doobie Brothers! Alright! I've been on this Doobie Brothers kick, learning their most popular songs ever since you posted "China Grove". BTW, the first time I heard a seven chord, I thought of "Long Train Runnin'". Thanks for posting.

  5. Great lesson and a very beautiful song, a life time hit.

  6. Hey Man….you really know how to entice a person…Your DEMOs are expertly done and really show the fullness of the song. Fantastic the way you inset the additional guitar parts..assuming that is also you playing …Bravo!… The demo makes it easy to assess weather I want to go ahead and watch your lesson. I'm intersested in learning a song properly, so I want to know first if you play it properly. The DEMO shows that clearly. I've watched your other vids with demo….same thing 🙂 and the lessons..couldn't ask for better -thanks for sharing….ahem…now i have a request…hope you can fufill? have you a lesson for Treetop Flyer by Stephen Stills? ill keep my eyes open for that one…hey i love long train too…thought i figured it out but…looks like i need to revise a few things 🙂 Thsnks SU&P 😀

  7. mighty perty Lester there bud. Good lesson.

  8. Words cannot express how wonderful your lessons are.

    Thank you vary, very much for this. You have achieved what many strive to do but just cannot get it right. Out of all the channels on youtube, your lessons are ALWAYS spot on and accurate. Not to mention your wonderful teaching and playing ability. Always a nice.

    Stay Frosty.

  9. Great Lesson … one more time !

  10. Outstanding!

  11. David Brinkhurst

    Nailed it 🙂 As per usual ! Andy, as a fellow Canuck, do you like any of the Stampeders songs? They had some classics as this one is…

  12. "Ted Templeman"??? Wasn't he a member of Harpers Bizarre in the early 1960s?

  13. totes awesome!

  14. It seems like you are simplifying the explanation ,but for the sake of the progression,it seems that chord with the D in the bass is some type of Dsus rather than a G minor chord.

  15. Wow, getting the strumming/muted parts is deceptively difficult. Took me a minute there.

  16. Awesome as usual! How about "Woodstock" (CSN) with intro and solo?

  17. Todd Rundgren "Couldn't I just tell you" or Steve Wonder "Contusion" would be awesome!!! you are the man

  18. It's like your lessons are the sound track to my life. Great lesson.

  19. Fantastic lesson

  20. It just doesn't get any better than this!!! Someone finally teaching it correctly!!! Thank you sir!!!

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