LESSON | how to play “The Boys Are Back In Town” on guitar by Thin Lizzy | electric guitar lesson

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy from their 1976 album, Jail Break.

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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials
  2. mike conigliaro

    great lesson.
    side note… I believe Sky Dog and Dickie Betts were doing harmonies earlier

  3. john sykes is in the dead dasies

  4. Spot on lesson, thank you!

  5. Another killer lesson added to the library Andy….amazing and "right on the money." Best bar none on YT.

  6. awesome!

  7. stan the guitar man

    Nice Les Paul you got there

  8. stan the guitar man

    How did this video get 5 thumbs down?

  9. stan the guitar man

    SUGGESTION: Why can't this be love (Van Halen)

  10. Does superbness have no limits? – nope – no limits, another great lesson.

  11. Saturday's are for the boys

  12. Fantastic lesson.

  13. Hi from France.Thanks ! Great lesson again ! I'm trying to play "The Pressure Will Blow" from Lizzy too, but I got some mistakes…what about a lesson of this tune ?…

  14. Wow! I want to practice that rising harmony part and those thirds just by themselves. I think that would make a great exercise.

  15. True. So many good songs by Thin Lizzy and most only know the 'Boys' song. The LP Chinatown is worth a listen. The Thin Lizzy bio is they were befell by stupid bad luck to where they never reached the peak of fame they so deserved.

  16. Your lessons are always so precise and thorough. You are by far my favorite sub scribed utube teacher. Thanks for this lesson. I've heard that song for over 30 years and I've never really listened to it till I just played it now I like it even more

  17. Awesome tutorial!

  18. Great lesson. Fun, energetic song that'll be easy to remember once I can get it down. Thank you.

  19. Michael Taylors

    I think you explained some of the magic of this awesome tune … off then on .. indeed

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