LESSON | how to play “Ventura Highway” on guitar by America | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/ventura-highway–acoustic.html

An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Ventura Highway” by America from their 1972 album Homecoming.

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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/ventura-highway–acoustic.html

  2. Best guitar lessons on YouTube by far – love the backstory and anecdotes too!

  3. you make learning my favorite songs easy and fun thanks

  4. Henrylvilbar Vilbar

    it's the best tutorial pls. do tin man…

  5. The Boy Who Cried Pizza

    are you ever going to do any stevie ray vaughn lessons?

  6. Richard Browning

    nice lesson—very detailed and thanks for pointing out how difficult and unreasonable it would be to try to play both lead and rhythm on this awesome song—definitely need 2 guitars on this one—-thanks a lot!!!

  7. Great lesson.. thanks!

  8. Holy cow, man what a fantastic job. Well done. Many thanks.

  9. YOU are a fantastic teacher. Is it possible for you to do a lesson on Tree Top Flyer by Steven Stills – I've seen a few youtube attempts – just not the right sound – YOU have a knack for the right sound me thinks! Also maybe Three Roses? Thanks Mr……um…Mr. Shutup 😀

  10. Oh cmon, it doesn't sound "dumb".. playing the lead then jumping into the rhythm…the riff makes the song!….just got to be creative,lol

  11. hey buddy how about a tutorial on my favorite America tune sister golden hair. what a classic.

  12. Great tutorial and very detailed. One of my all time favourite songs and bands. Thanks for posting and the enthusiasm for the song. Well done.

  13. Thank you for the upload. I enjoy the stories info behind the songs.

  14. Salt and lime life Pcbflausa


  15. so awesome

  16. Jeez I've been playing that song for as long as it's been out & never payed much attention to all the details you've touched on here, they really bring the whole thing together. I was close but now I'm a heck of a lot closer!

  17. Great tutorial. You pick great songs to teach. Thanks.

  18. Great info on the strumming, and great band/song, horse with no name was the first song I learned 2 cords thanks

  19. Gator Lizards In The Air! OMG

    Great lesson, as usual.

  20. Michael Strickland

    Wow I was going to message you a couple weeks ago about doing this song…Excellent work!

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