LESSON | how to play “Wild World” on guitar by Cat Stevens | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Wild World” by Cat Stevens from his 1970 album “Tea For the Tillerman.”

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Thanks for watching. cheers


  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here: https://www.shutupandplay.ca/wild-world–acoustic.html

  2. great lesson! you absolutely nailed the sound, props.

  3. Great as always Andy. The new camera is good, but on my PC the guitar is a little too loud compared to your voice. Love your precision and accuracy, and yes, Cat Stevens guitar work has always been nice – good choice.

  4. Another great lesson Andy! If you ever get the time could you do a lesson on The Partys Over by Journey?

  5. Great lesson, enjoyed it so much. Loved this song since I was a young man.

  6. TheRandomGamers

    I hate the F chord, i find it very difficult to play

  7. Am to D7 is how I played it, I guess I was playing it wrong

  8. What guitar is that?
    Thanks in advance, trying to get myself a new one.

  9. nice!

  10. I always liked that song! thanks.

  11. Great , Great Song and the same can be said of the Lesson . Thank You so Much .

  12. Love and Peace

    As beautiful as always! Thanks for sharing. Would you please consider putting together a lesson for "Like a Sad Song by John Denver" if you get the time? Love and Light from Nepal.

  13. Did you get a new camera? Picture seems a bit more colorful

  14. Marie Robinson

    Andy, I have to give you all the credit. Your lessons are the reason I keep working so hard. This is an awesome song and an awesome lesson!

  15. please more from Tea for The Tillerman…Father & Son, On the Road to Find out….as always, outstanding instruction!

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