Lesson: Introduction to Chord Melodies

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This video introduces a couple of concepts that are key in constructing chord melodies.

1. The fewer the notes in the chord voicing, the easier it is for individual notes to stand out which is a goal in creating melodies. Occasionally it’s appropriate to use all six strings, but generally I try not to.

2. The top note is the melody note. This is what the listener will hear as the melody. Creating chord melodies is really all about putting care into choosing the top note.

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  1. Sean Angus Watson

    Yo! Thank you so much for watching, I hope you get a lot from this video. If you have any questions, please comment them below and I'll do my best to answer as many as I can. If you're interested in more lessons, my Patreon is the place for you 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/seananguswatson

  2. Whats the guitar model

  3. verystable genius

    Good shit man. Such a badass guitar

  4. Elliott Pereda

    Incredible, you showed me I didn’t even notice I was playing Bar Chords as voicings so simple, I remember my friends would come up to me like “wow! did you play that incredible melody, that was incredible” I was like “huh? I was just playing regular guitar chords not any special kind” Thank you! for showing me! Now I notice, that you taught me something, I will keep on doing more often.

  5. Well my mind is blown. Headed over to your patreon now!

  6. Astasia Carla Pagnoni

    Thanx, Sean. Here comes a basic question. Does it make a difference to play on an electrical guitar? I play on a standard acoustic and looking carefully on your video I get the impression that you can more easily produce fuller, more satisfying single notes. On my guitar single high notes just don't have the "body" to carry a melody. Same goes for the "slim" chords you suggest, made of fewer, higher notes. Or, is it me?
    Wonderful teacher that you are: clear explanations, delivered at a pleasant learning tempo.
    Thank you for your answer.

  7. so much talk

  8. get tabs please in your video broo

  9. I think your videos would be MUCH better if you started your video by showing us samples/examples of what your'e going to teach us before asking for money.

  10. So just study triads, and what notes a chord is made up of, find the diatonic scales and you can build out your own combinations like hes doing, sounds great!

  11. great great lesson, contrary motion yes I came up with something similar while jamming though I had forgotten about it, this reminds of dont fear the reaper, this approach is great also for emphasizing vocal melodies

  12. This is great Sean. I've been practicing chord melody and I had overlooked the concept of how chords are really chord tones stacked on top of each other. And by adjusting how many strings one plays can bring out and even alter the melody. I'm a new subscriber and enjoying your channel.

  13. interesting indeed

  14. Once upon a time in the west chord progression.

  15. Павел Бессонов

    Вряд ли ты сможешь прочитать это, но я благодарен да этот урок. Обожаю, когда учат не просто бить по струнам и петь, а обращать больше внимания на каждую ноту, делать упор на оригинальность и т.п. Спасибо!

  16. Your tone sounds like it has the tiniest little warble. It’s so beautiful.

  17. brett neuberger

    Gosh! Excellent Lesson. I can now add chord melody skills to my nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills. Heck yes!

    Really; great instruction. Very helpful!

  18. WOW. This is what misic tutorials should be about. Actually making music. Thanks dude I have been so lost. This is just what I need to get back into the groove

  19. Lovely

  20. Johnny DiBonaventura

    jeez… finally a guy who can teach! Not just a bunch of useless filler notes, but with tasty flavor from the chord. Joining patreon tomorrow!

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