Lesson No 1 for Eletric Guitar. Glenn Branca.

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  1. As if John Adams made Rock music !

  2. sublime!

  3. I only like " The Fall "

  4. This reminds me of being young and taking buses to small towns in the middle of the woods. Missing you forever, Vale do Capao.

  5. Woah, its like Electric Counterpoint but cooler.

  6. belleza

  7. lame. no real instruction or exposition. i'm sorry, are you having an affair with this girl?

  8. The flip side of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, performed by Glenn Branca and The Velvet Underground.

  9. and it was done in 1980

  10. Pretty much the fucking beginning – like VERY beginning, patient zero type shit – of any "indie" derivative music you've ever heard. Arcade Fire? Sonic Youth? Unicorns? Wolf Parade? Pavement? Neutral Milk Hotel? Swans? 

  11. branca genius!

  12. my soul wept

  13. It does not need them.

  14. That grove is grooving.

  15. what a grove

  16. not enough views!!!

  17. Дмитрий Котешов

    музыка я знаю что демид рядом

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