Lesson: Unlock the Magic of 12-String Fingerstyle Guitar [Tutorial w/ TAB]

This guitar lesson is about far more than just learning how to play a 12-string guitar. it’s about fully harnessing the beauty and magic of playing fingerstyle with the 12-string. It’s a completely different technique and approach than we’re normally used to – and it’s a lot easier than you might think. Enjoy!

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  1. Martin Grabher-Meyer

    The thing that frightens me the most on a 12 string are string changes. xD

  2. Anthony Porrreca

    what a great idea for a series. Thank you very much will be watching for these 12 string videos

  3. That just sounds delicious, made me watch the entire video even though I don't have a 12 string

  4. I have a Nashville tuned guitar and use Major 7th and Minor 2nd chords to get about the same sound, because it gives two dissonant notes that are only a half step apart for a very dreamy and mystical sound. But on a 12 string, it's even better and more layered.

  5. Ok, dusting off and tuning the 12th. 🙂

  6. I almost sold my 12 string last month. I’m really glad that I didn’t!

  7. Oh man. Please do a tutorial for 'Tristram theme' from the Diablo I & II soundtracks.

  8. Some of the stuff you played in this video reminds me of Sergio Altamura, a guitarist. I can't wait for your next fingerstyle 12 string lesson!

  9. wow! Great Lesson. I don't have a 12 string but, it is now on my gas list.Well done!

  10. If the dogs arn't here what's the point?

  11. Sounds great!

  12. This deserves an "ocean" tutorial, from John butler

  13. Juan Carlos Gesto Castromil

    Thanks!!! I have a 12 string guitar and this help me to improve!!!

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