Lessons For Electric Slide Guitar In Standard Tuning

Dave Anderson teaches some of the basics of playing electric slide in standard tuning EADGBe. Full lesson + tablature at www.OnlineLessonVideos.com


  1. That is a nice silvertone jupiter sir!

  2. What is that guitar?

  3. Tritone Guitars

    Thanks Robert, to e is all guitar and amp.

  4. Phenominal Lesson! Thanks so much. Any suggestions about other slide players that play in standard tuning?
    Lookin to do more "homework"

  5. dandersonguitars

    Thanks for the great compliments guys! Dave

  6. the guitar is a silvertone "branded" harmony jupiter. built in chicago, with de armond pickups. it's not a danelectro.

  7. Nice……check my video ……..just search "Coricidino"

  8. danelectro, jack white recently plyed 1

  9. sweet vid.what kind of guitar is that?

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