Let her Go by the Passenger Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle

Let her Go by the Passenger Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle

Hey guys, thank you for checking out this video. Some useful links down below.

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Let her go info http://www.blitzguitar.com/let-her-go-by-the-passenger-acoustic-guitar-fingerstyle-chords-easy-lesson/


  1. you are awesome

  2. Man, your lessons are great and you have a good selection of modern music! I wish that I had discovered you earlier 🙂
    Since you have videos showing Spanish music, is there a chance we can see a lesson version of Bailando by Enrqiue Iglesias?

  3. Despacito Justin Beiber Remix please, full song if you can?

  4. Could you please teach us some of the Stalker guitar soundtracks? i beg of you

  5. Depacito remix, Justin Bieber (recent song released) – its Spanish based

  6. Player Auctions

    Despacito Justin Bieber Remix?

  7. I feel like something is missing in the intro..

  8. loving this!!! thank you.

  9. Justin van Dongen

    So good. keep it up.

  10. i love u from iraq

  11. Oussama Mtougui

    Woow I was waiting you to make this song tuto for a long time

  12. rguig noureddine

    appreciate the lessôn , still waiting for the end of this month to buy an accoustic

  13. Jhoe Jansen Maningo

    is part 3 for beauty and the beast already out?

  14. Second

  15. thank you appreciate it

  16. First

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