Let Her Go – Passenger – Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic Finger Style

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Let Her Go – Passenger
More info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-346-LetHerGo-Passanger.php
In this guitar lesson we’re looking at the the beautiful Let Her Go by Passenger. We’ll look at all the chords, strumming and finger style patterns, including the intro.

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  1. For us short thumg people:
    So apparently one can tune the 6th string into an F instead, that seems to work under the very first bars, but once you need to make the standard G chord shape and proceed, it sounds pretty bad, anyone with more music experience know what would you need to do with this retunement?

  2. 1015

  3. Luitenant aweomse

    You a boss bruh

  4. hey there i am dying to understand what you did wid d strumming 'accent' pattern , cant seem to find notes 😛 on d website too , is it like you play DUDU,DUDU,DUDU,DUDU where heavy strum D(1st bar, 1st strum)UDU, D(2nd bar, 1st strum)UDU, and cant comprehend any further , plz helllllllllpppppppp me here

  5. i like the way you look so passionate while your playing, like your really feeling it.

  6. Can I have a free tab on dropbox

  7. That was great! Hilarious! If you let her C it, you might as well F her at that point!

  8. General Ross II

    05:10 only know you F her when you let her go… i saw you smiling there :D

  9. MollyisaMinder 69

    You didn't explain the plucking part properly for me. Dislike

  10. "Only know you F her"
    Love that method of teaching, quite funny too

  11. Thx god theres not a single D chord in this song xD if u know what i mean

  12. The Troll Show UK

    "Only F her when you let her C! – you sir, are a legend…!

  13. Viraj Mahalunkar

    Your 507999 +1th subscriber . 🙂 peace bro u crazy !

  14. Rojina Tayyebi

    omg he is good…. wait why am I even watching this I'm a pianist and I don't even have a guitar!!!!!

  15. Does anyone know if plastic surgery to make your fingers longer is a thing?
    Cuz I'mma need it.
    No seriously, it's not lacking " a little bit" it's lacking a good two centimeters (like an inch?) to reach with the thumb, alternatively the ring finger.

  16. Love your lesson <3 Now I'm playing this song finally 🙂 Greetings from Poland :*

  17. My absolute favorite let her go Guitar lesson !!
    Thank you!
    I'm so happy, that I found your amazing channel!!


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