Let It Go James Bay Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Breaking down how to play Let it Go by James Bay on acoustic guitar today! I’ll teach you the chords and how to do the fingerpicking for the song. Check it out!

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  1. Carlos Zapata G.

    And the bridge??

  2. TheGoldenCobra

    beautiful tutorial, i have been playing this for a year now and i still enjoy it. thank you Marty !

  3. Can you do a lesson on Cherry Wine by Hozier?

  4. lutfi aldi nugroho

    Hey marty, is it using drop D tunning? Just tune 6’th string down into D or tune all string down?

  5. McQuillans Guitar and vocals

    I tried to learn this months ago and wow it was hard but I have went through Other tutorials of yours and now the progression has got to me and I learned this very well thank so much Marty great lesson!

  6. Marty you consistently make the best guitar videos. i love you

  7. Could you please teach kiss like real people do by Hozier

  8. Are you tuned down half a step because when I play it I’m half a step up from what your doing and I’m tuned a whole step down from Em standard tuning

  9. Welll played Marty I’m not in to his music as a whole but I love his guitar playing, thanks to you

  10. Thank you for this tutorial!

  11. Marty's editor goofed :0

  12. I really love this song and love this tutorial even more! You've simplified it down well, and broken it up into good sections. Maybe get your singing voice out to help contextualise it a bit at time? 😛

    Really looking forward to being able to play this well 🙂

  13. Any chance you can break down James Bay’s cover of The Best?


  15. Shahbaz Mohammed

    Thanks man i really appreciate the effort you put in every single time to teach every single note. Loved it <3

    If you have a capo, put it on the second fret and tune your guitar to standard tuning. Tune gently to avoid string breakage. Take your capo off and you have a guitar tuned a whole step down.

  17. Next Tutorial on James Bay – Bad

  18. Taasha Chabria

    could you do its you by ali gatie

  19. Matthew Wallis

    I havent played my guitar in 8 years your videos have inspired me to pick it back up great teacher thanks a million keep up the great work.

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