Let Me Entertain You Guitar Lesson (Robbie Williams) 3 chord electric guitar songs

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  1. what kind of pedal do you use for the rock sound? or is it just the guitar itself?
    dat thumbnail doe

  2. This is epic mate thankyou!

  3. Which part of Yorkshire are you from ?

  4. This is Jesus Christ Superstar…

  5. "dodgy" cable….so British lol. Better check your "kit".

  6. what kind of pedal do you use for the rock sound? or is it just the guitar itself?

  7. Music Man's Ladies Band

    Thanks Andy. 🙂

  8. I admire you so much, you're simply amazing

  9. Thanks for the tutorials andy. Your GREAT GUITARIST! I live in Australia and I have subscribed to your channel. It is a big Help to me and now I can play a whole range of songs on my electric guitar. Your the best!

  10. plz keep up the great work i love ur vids m8
    can you do this song on acoustic?

  11. dat thumbnail doe

  12. Can you post your amp settings please?And what amp do you use? Keep up the good work!

  13. Throw up the horns more often lol

  14. Haha that intro 🙂

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