Liam Gallagher-For What it’s Worth-Acoustic Guitar Lesson.

via YouTube Capture


  1. Brilliant lesson mate. Your tune selections are great. Keep up the great work

  2. Francesco Guerzoni

    Many of the chords are wrong…

  3. OriginalPirateLyricVideos

    Thanks! Loving this tune. Looking through your channel, loving your song selections too. Subbed.

  4. Thank you =)

  5. Nice,any chance of doing liams other song chinatown?

  6. mint please do boneheads bank holiday

  7. Nice one again mate. Looking forward to his new album!

  8. Verse chords-Am G F C C/B Am G F G Dm C G.
    Chorus chords-C C/B Am G F Em Dm G
    C C/B Am G D/F# Dm C Csus4 C Am G F G C.
    Bridge Chords Am F C C/B Am F C C/B Am F C G F G.

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