Licks For Rock Soloing Rock Guitar Lesson The A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Licks For Rock Soloing Rock Guitar Lesson The A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Learn HOW to practice the guitar

Skype and Facetime lessons are also available.

PRACTICETHEGUITAR.COM is an interactive website that is meant to aid guitar players of all different levels in furthering their skill set. What you get here is something that you cannot get anywhere else: full, comprehensive videos that show you how to practice the guitar. Each video is made in a specific way to give the viewer a real person to practice along with. All videos also include full notation, tablature, and video commentary explaining what the exercise is, how to properly play it, and how it will benefit your playing. The site also includes multiple backing tracks for the viewer to use on their own, when they feel they are ready. This is not a replacement for traditional lessons, but merely an added tool to be used when trying to better your playing. If you have any questions at any time, feel free to leave a comment on the page, or send an email to

Check it out!
Check it out!


  1. Great, thanks.

  2. Kentucky Fried Jesus

    First lick sounds like the stairway to heaven lick. Just need to end the lick on the F.

  3. Hey guys im just curious, do you use down or alternate picking while soloing

  4. How's Dagrid?

  5. Whats the point of putting explanation BEFORE the lick itself? Id like to listen to the lick first , than to see the way its played)).

  6. Good tips bro

  7. Top….very nice

  8. bobbysbackingtracks


  9. I get the point but its hard to play it on acoustic guitar. I cant even pull offs properly. I think , you could only play on electric.

  10. Thanks very much.

  11. Can you do a tutorial on the guitar licks played in the solo of this song?

  12. Tomislav Luketic

    I swear, first I heard: Hello, I'm Harry Potter 😀

  13. This a good concept, i need to start playing diagonal!

  14. You’re a guitarist harry!

  15. How much bpm on the metronome?

  16. I have that exact same guitar except for mine is wine red. Sweet guitar dude

  17. This is awesome and such an excellent lesson! I will use this at my next rehearsal. I can hardly wait. Take me some hours to learn fluidly but it’s so worth the effort! Thx CANADA

  18. 0:26 first lick
    1:38 second lick
    3:15 third lick
    4:25 fourth lick

  19. Garry Potter ? Really ? How's Gumbledore. In the key of G I guess. 😉
    Thanks forthe lick

  20. Pieter van der Weele

    You're a wizard Gary

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