Lifehouse – Broken – Super Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Free Ebook here!!


  1. do "from where you are" by lifehouse

  2. sounds a bit like "sometimes" by papa roach, when sliding from the 4th fret to the 9th.

  3. but how do you play the bridge?

  4. I don't have a capo… bljah.. can I play it without? ;_;

  5. ralp dexter Bongato

    great tutorial mart'y i'm learning 2 guitar songs everyday from you ! ! !  

  6. Thanks friend 🙂


  8. great and thanks dude…….

  9. lifeasmockingkay

    Learning this!!!! 😀

  10. you're so high

  11. hey marty i have been looking everywhere for the lifehouse ''blind'' song…please do a tutorial of that song please!!!

  12. Jonathan Arbuckle

    Kung Fu Fighting!

  13. The Ebooks in the third email, scroll down. Thumbs up so people can see!

  14. Sophia Hammond Hammond

    You should learn fergi big girls dont cry
    and if i were a boy

  15. Marty, I have tried emailing you about me free ebook. I never received it from you or anything like that so please hit me back!

  16. you should do more lessons outside 🙂

  17. Lol xD you're funny. thanks for the tutoriaaaaaal! You're the best!

  18. Cheyne Robinson

    Anyone want to comment the chorus stum pattern idkw but i just cant figure it out i here it but i just dont remember it when i try it


  20. I find this man very attractive 🙂

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