Lil Nas X Rodeo Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Oh here we go, please let me know. Off we go, don’t leave me in the cold. Pick up your guitar and learn RODEO by Lil Nas X on guitar!

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  1. Thank you for the Rodeo guitar lesson! Appreciate it!

  2. Can you teach me “Falling” by Trevor Daniel thanks

  3. You have history of guitar lessons long as Fox News episodes.

  4. Hey it would be super cool if you could do a tutorial on how to play (love dies by 12AM). Or (high school by ion lil gut)

  5. You should do Eyes On Fire by blue foundation I cant find it anywhere. Love the channel btw.

  6. HEY MARTY please do some Death Cab For Cutie lessons!!! Ideally Cath or Bixby Canyon Bridge or pretty much anything off Narrow Stairs.
    Thanks !

  7. PLEASE do this for one of your next videos. Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Paul Anka fingerstyle. Check out the video he does a great job

  8. Can you teach burn it to the ground

  9. Marty please do a tutorial on seaside by the kooks

  10. I don’t know if you’ve done it yet, but could you do “Rusty Cage” by Jonny cash

  11. Hey could you please do “Us and them” by Pink Floyd

  12. Can you do a lesson for wherever I may roam

  13. Marty, some serious kudos for the color scheme in this video. Love that blue vibe!

  14. Somehow Marty almost always uploads a tutorial for a song i just listened to a day ago but no matter how many times i listen to say it ain’t so he doesn’t upload a tutorial for it.

  15. Waiting for a lesson about Mountain At My Gates by Foals
    Ibiza Bar by Pink Floyd

    Marty please make them happen

  16. Can you do the Spirit of Radio

  17. Song request. Bad case of loving you.

  18. Did a pop rapper literally just write a song in e phrygian… never thought i'd see the day

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