Link Wray – Rumble – Easy Rockabilly Guitar Lesson

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
BlueS LIcKs
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  1. It’s really one of those fun riffs to listen to after you’ve smoked a joint

  2. It’s based around the e blues scale

  3. The vibe and counts during the intro of this clip: No.

  4. Domingo Martinez

    Thanks for the lesson Amigo ! Its Pow Wow time

  5. Sons of McCormick

    Loved it, thanks man!

  6. Thanks Marty you absolute legend

  7. Grimple Crumple

    Perfect lesson for this tune!

  8. You rule Marty!

  9. Jasmina Roxane

    This is a great song when you just started playing, real easy while sounding super cool!

  10. This song was also in independence day

  11. Thanks for everything Marty. You rule the school.

  12. Needs tremolo.

  13. very good explcation and exellent video

  14. Good break down man thanks btw to all you guys out there helping people to further their music education

  15. Yes pulp fiction

  16. This is a good lesson, Marty is showing me how to play the tune, chords, timing and pentetonic riff, It can be bad assed after learned. I've listened to several tutorials on this tune and I learned the most from this one. The D/Dsus2 thing is right but a minor point. Marty perhaps you can considered updating this lesson by adding the simple solo break in the middle

  17. I wanted to learn this after watching Independence Day 🙂

  18. Dont really see much to this song but I guess it was popular back in the 50's.

  19. The D chord should be a D sus 2. It's like a D chord but with the high E string left open.

  20. love the lick at the end

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