LINKIN PARK – In The End (Acoustic) – Guitar Lesson + Free TABS

A guitar lesson showing you how to play my tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park on acoustic/classical fingerstyle solo guitar.
The free tabs are at
Scroll down a little bit till you see “free tabs”.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, Thomas. I feel very grateful.
    Cheers from Fortaleza, Brazil.

  2. Barrett Wissell

    Thomas, you're my favorite YouTuber by far. Love your Nylon Maiden so much.

  3. Just got an accoustic never played before, really wanting to learn this song soon!

  4. RIP, can't wait to learn this on my late father's guitar so I can send the positive vibes to both of them <3

  5. xanos .lauwereys

    Another amazing video my friend! Brings back many memories. My brother and i would put this song on repeat, to the point where my mom still frowns at me when i play it today, ~15 years later,because she heard it so much thanks to us. 🙂 hybrid theory was basically my gateway to the metalhead i am today. Once again, awesome video! I like the idea of tutorials now and then 🙂 proost!

  6. Muy muy bueno

  7. Joaquim Fernandes

    Man, just awesome.

  8. Rodrigo Ferreira da silva

    Muito bom

  9. Cannot play guitar but great video !

  10. Gabriel Azevedo #ConTV

    Awesome! You're a great musician!

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