Linkin Park Numb Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you a guitar lesson for Numb by Linkin Park on electric guitar. I’ll teach you how to play the opening riff and the power chords played throughout the song. Tune your guitars into drop Db tuning and let’s play!

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  1. Do “oh sweet nuthin’” by The Velvet Underground

  2. Van halen pretty woman!

  3. Jean-Simon Côté

    Can you do Tears don’t fall from Bullet of my Valentine please

  4. do a tutorial on "these girls" by sticky fingers, such a great song!

  5. Can tou do indescructible by disturbed solo lesson? I cant find anything

  6. You should do “Rat salad” by Black Sabbath

  7. I just started playing guitar this week and i have fell in love with the way you teach, i would really appreciate it if you could put how to play Paris by Sabrina Carpenter on here as well as any other of her songs preferably acoustic. i pick things up pretty quickly and i would love to learn this song first. Thank you for taking the time to break everything down in a very easy to handle way

  8. Could you do Jessie's Girl?

  9. Marty please do a lesson on the song comedown that is by the band bush

  10. Please I need a tutorial for "I bet that you look good on the dancefloor" by Arctic monkeys

  11. Thanks for the lesson Marty! It would be awesome if you did a FIDLAR song!

  12. Holy Diver by Dio next??? Plz.

  13. Kristina Paradise

    Hey Marty big fan. Your awesome dude!! You've taught me so much in the last year just about. I was wondering if you would do any Korn lessons like somebody someone. Thanks Marty your the man!

  14. Hey, Would you please do a great love songs for beginners video. You know for Valentine's Day. I'm having a hard time finding good easy one for electric guitar.

  15. Fender play you can’t teach me better than this guy

  16. Hey Marty, thank you for the Numb guitar lesson. Greatly appreciated,

  17. Hey can you do a video on Marilyn Manson killing strangers?

  18. You should do jesus of surburbia

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