Little Martha The Allman Brothers Guitar Lesson by Shawn Fleming

Little Martha The Allman Brothers Guitar Lesson by Shawn Fleming


  1. Any tips on nailing the 5th fret bar section?

  2. Awesome.Thank you so much. Excellent lesson on a song Duane gave us before he left.

  3. Gorgeous axe

  4. great job combining both parts and making it intuitive.

  5. Look at this guy. Dude… you have skills and the best part… no bs showing off, no hot dog bs. Very cool and thanks for this. Duane was the man!! Great job.

  6. Great lesson, not an easy song to teach.

  7. Fantastic lesson, working on this a little every morning. Will eventually get it down pat thanks to you!

  8. I learned this back in the early 90's, before Youtube.

  9. Great lesson Thank you so much! this will take me a while to learn ,nice clear video as well. Rook

  10. most exultante . i play this exactly as you do for the most part of this song though i use slight varying finger positions for the slides hammers and pulls, capo 2nd fret.
    i got the arrangement from the leo kottke take of this tune out of
    the guitar techniques magazine years ago, late 90's.
    and used that arrangement as a template to figure out
    the greg and dicky original.
    and of course youtube has helped no end with varying brews and miss hearings by others and i myself included .
    a few years back when i was nerding this tune big time,
    trying to figure the dicky betts flavoure hidden within the tune.
    and he is there in the mix.
    i came to realise while i jammed along chuffed with myself
    as i stepped into each footprint just copycating
    who's playing the dobro?, and how many comps are spliced into the mix-down.
    damn genius.

  11. Trying to understand open tuning is like learning to play all over again. Great lesson thanks.

  12. Is that anopen tuning?

  13. Is there a tab available?

  14. That extension to the A at 9:32 – I find it easier to just lift all my fingers off and just pluck the open 2nd and 3rd strings. Faster as well.

  15. Who is Gregg Almond?

  16. Thanks you very much, sir! Now i've got a lot of pleasure to study and play one of the finest melodies of all time.

  17. You are a gifted teacher. And a very good picker! Thanks

  18. The playing is excellent, however it is sometimes difficult to see where your fingers are and you don't always designate certain strings, fingers, and frets. I would suggest putting a fretboard in the corner of the screen that simultaneously shows tab when you play

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