Little Wing Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Jimi Hendrix – Intro

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Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown


  1. Which strat is this American professional?

  2. 17 minute lesson just on the intro. Oh man, this gonna take awhile…

  3. Buy the fretboard lighter now just plug & play into your guitar and your fretboard lights up each note that is all the parts of your song Buy Now!

  4. Yes! I knew i heard an open g string at the beginning

  5. ok im actually doing it however it just doesnt sound like how the guy is doing it… i think ill wait till i have a bit more rhythm

  6. Thanks u so much!

  7. dang ,I'm back to playing smoke on the water after this

  8. Meh baby steps with this one

  9. Hey Carl, ever considered redoing some of your older videos like this? I think your teaching style has vastly improved from this video and might help a lot of people!

    This video is 100% great! Thanks

  10. There's a beautiful version of this song from, the royal albert Hall, almost make you cry, the emotion he conveys..

  11. You always do a spot on lesson

  12. Fantastic lesson. As are all your lessons. Very clear and concise. This is helping me both appreciate the subtlety of Hendrix's playing and even teaching me to get something that sounds vaguely like it..!!

  13. Anyone else have short stubby thumbs? Thumb over extender needed here. Just think, Jimi probably whipped this out before he finished his first cup of coffee on a Monday morning…..simply genius.

  14. Just a general comment here. I've been playing for 30+ years, and I've noticed that just about any yahoo with a smart phone can (and does) post "how to play song x" videos on this site, whether they're qualified or not.
    I always look for your lessons first because you decode each song and the concepts and context behind the riffs in a way that, to me, usually gets at what makes that song cool or interesting to play around with and absorb, rather than just regurgitate what's on the record (which can also be fun…).
    At any rate, just wanted to say thanks for helping me expand my fretboard horizons in such a painless way.

  15. Thanks a lot !! I use your tuto for learning the intro .

  16. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    too hard

  17. WOW MAN THANK YOU!! What pickups are you using on this amazing guitar?


    thanks for the 440 version instead on half step down… really helps….a play thru first would have been great….again ..thank you

  19. 436 dislikes? they must be beginner guitarists haha

  20. Best Jimi Tutorial EVER!!!

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