(Live) Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Little Chords With Inversions, 1/2 Steps, And More!

(This was filmed live, pardon the few seconds at the beginning and end…)

A lot folks get stuck playing the same-old-same-old chords and patterns when it comes to blues rhythm playing… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you realize that there are only 4 ways to invert a 7th chord (our bread and butter of the blues) and you probably already know 3 of them (you just don’t realize it) then you can actually spice up your blues rhythm pretty quick-like.

So in this video I’ll show you the 4 inversions, and where the ones you probably already know come from so you can just move them… and then we’ll add in the last one and I’ll show you how to practice it.

Easy & Fun – 2 great tastes that taste great together 🙂

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Hope you dig the video!
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  1. love these live lessons you've been doing. very helpful. thanks!

  2. Warning, This comment will be tangential. On the side bar to the right of this clip was an older lesson of yours with a near bare bkg. I've always wondered is there a clip where you tell the story of the collection of amps behind you? Don't see many people on YouTube lessons with Nace amps, especially more than one.

  3. Thanks for this Griff! knowing where I can build differing chord shapes helps big time…Kinda sorta where I'm at since I'm working with dominant arp's at the moment so I'm kinda seeing the big picture by focusing on the little sections of it…

  4. different voicing up the neck?

  5. this is related to the cage system???

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