Live Forever SOLO Guitar lesson tutorial – OASIS

Live Forever SOLO Guitar lesson tutorial - OASIS

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  1. your vibrato is so beautiful

  2. 7:53 I just cannot do

  3. jose armando macias guerrero

    Realmente aprecio tu esfuerzo por subir el solo de mi canción favorita de Oasis, saludos de Mexico

  4. Any1 think andy looks stoned???

  5. Nice mate. Cheers

  6. you go too quick

  7. you are the hero !

  8. Thank you. On point ..keep shredding bro.

  9. Andy you da man

  10. Thanks so much

  11. KarlCraft playsKC

    My fingers are offically broken, thanks

  12. Could someone give me an idea of how difficult this solo is? (Maybe 1-10) I’m very new.. been playing a guitar for 1 month now

  13. Brilliant sir – could u also teach us solo from made of stone by the stone roses

  14. Nice Les Paul

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