Live Q&A Guitar Lesson #1

Welcome to Move Forward Guitar’s first YouTube Live Stream!

In this YouTube Live stream we answered a lot of your guitar questions. Topics included: How to solo in any key, voice leading, circle of 5ths and 4ths, jazz chords, chord inversions, the CAGED System, Arpeggios and more. Jared also talked about his new course coming out soon called “Jazz Comping Mastery 1 – Essential Inversion Vocabulary”. Click the link below to learn more about his course.

Jazz Comping Mastery 1 – Essential Inversion Vocabulary:

Our team:
Chad Lambert – Co-Founder/Guitar Instructor
Brent LeBlanc – Co-Founder
Jared Borkowski – Guitar Instructor

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  1. I didn't know you were doing this. Can't wait for your lessons guys.

  2. Jeff Sholander

    Fantastic. Very much looking forward to the course. Thanks for the effort to make this available to us.

  3. 1:07;42. What…

  4. Yes it's important

  5. Daryl Stephens

    Love your utube vids they are the best instructional out there on utube I hope you don't remove them .

  6. I learned a lot from your guitar theory the hardest thing is how to solo correctly….I think I need to learned more

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