Living After Midnight Guitar Lesson – Judas Priest

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In this guitar lesson video, we will take an in-depth look at the Judas Priest classic “Living After Midnight”. Released in 1980 off their British Steel album, it has become one of the band’s most popular songs.

In this Living After Midnight guitar lesson, I will show you how to play all of the guitar parts of this rock classic, including Glenn Tipton’s guitar solo note-for-note.

The guitar enters with a very infectious riff consisting on mostly straight power chords. The chorus then enters and we continue to play the same riff underneath it.

The verse has a pretty interesting rhythm in that the first half of it requires you to play on the up beats. If you keep your hand strumming in a constant down/up 8th note feel, you would be hitting all of the chord strums with upstrokes.

The second half of the verse riff contains a straight 8th note feel but the upbeat rhythm is still there so you will need two guitarists to completely recreate the verse. I will show you to play both of those parts though.

We then have a short pre-chorus that leads us back to the chorus. Nothing really all that hard to play here.

For the bridge of “Living After Midnight”, you will be playing a riff that was obviously inspired by another British band, The Rolling Stones. It requires you to play a D major to A major chord sequence that is very catchy but may be awkward to you if you have never played this kind of rhythm style before. Just make sure you keep your first finger bar down for both chords and you will be fine.

To finish of this Living After Midnight guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate Glenn Tipton’s guitar solo at full speed, then I will break it down for you note-for-note.

There isn’t anything too flashy in this solo but it does have a few awkward finger stretches to contend with. As always, I recommend learning it phrase-by-phrase just like I teach it in the lesson and then you can simply put them all together and be playing the full solo in no time.

Have fun!

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  1. everything is the simplest in this song… except last bend in solo

  2. Cool. Thanks!

  3. Excellent and very didactic! Awesome! Greetings from a 46 y/o guitarrist from Buenos Aires! (Argentina). By the way I've just suscribed to your channel

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    Carl you are a genuine rocker bro! thx for the tips n lessons
    you explanations on tracks are top notch keep up the great work dude

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  6. Great lesson, accurate and concise

  7. Victor Villanueva

    Hello Carl, thanks again for a great lesson and god bless you.

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  15. Excellent walkthrough. One song I never learned how to play. Your instructions are spot on as always! So now I can say I finally learned this song…

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