Living Colour – Cult Of Personality – Electric Guitar Lessons – Rock – Gibson SG

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  1. This video has been approved by Michael Knight.

  2. When you tune to that magical note between two half-steps <3

  3. Out of tune

  4. Smile Die BestenVideos


  5. Arcangel De Metal

    tunning? Eb?? standar?

  6. Tune your gtr please before doing a lesson…

  7. motivao

  8. your the only one I have found that plays the opening the right way. WOW. Good job

  9. Marty your awesome every time I search _____ guitar lesson you always have a video on it you have so many song tutorials and your probably one of the best guitar teachers on YouTube and anywhere else you make the songs so easy and quick to learn thanks to you I can bring my guitar to school and impress my friends

  10. Awesome

  11. m/TheLucasAnimatorm/

    Tabs? like

  12. Worst Gaming Channel

    What kind of guitar is that??

  13. solve et coagula from darkness comes the light

    hey marty put your middle finger on the e,3f string and index on the d,2f youll get the flow

  14. Chroma Key ¬¬'

  15. Prashant Singh Karki

    Could you please help me learn how to play "I'll Be Good" by Jaymes Young

  16. jason goldfinger

    I have said something really good about Marty Schwartz on all his videos cuz he is the man. He is single handedly why I got to the intermediate stages of guitar playing cuz of how good of a teacher he is. First learned the pentatonic scale then the pentatonic scale solo from him and tons of his other videos. I bought one of his "blues style courses" instructional DVDS and have been rapidly getting better and better and for that Marty, I thank you sincerely… …/…/…/m/m/m/

  17. gont hassle the …….marty sorry lol

  18. UmphreakinBelieveble

    Marty I love you ! Especially when you teach in the middle of road of a desert 

  19. Gotta love that background…and the lesson too. Cheers!

  20. How bout the first solo lesson

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