Lonely If You Are | Chase Rice | Beginner Guitar Lesson

“Lonely If You Are” by Chase Rice uses the chords G, C, Em, D. This is a fun song to play and has a cool intro. Check it out! Get my 4 chord songbook I mentioned at http://www.countrysongteacher.com
God bless!
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  1. Awesome videos!! Keep them coming. What do you record with?

  2. Phillipino wives are the best!

  3. Can you do a lesson on "Friends" by Blake Shelton, appreciate the work you're doing!

  4. It does it on both my guitars, I’ve tried to reposition the pinkie and there are times when it seems a little less “ringing” but then if the finger moves any it’s back. Maybe Matt can troubleshoot it for us.

  5. is there anyway you can teach “cowgirls don’t cry” by brooks and dunn

  6. Can you do nobody but you by Blake Shelton

  7. Matt, I use your 4-chords almost exclusively. I've been learning guitar with you for almost a year now. When I use these 4 chords with the pinkie and ring finger "anchored", the high e string rings out over the other strings and seems to overpower the music. I listen intently to your lessons and I don't hear the same "ringing" in your chords as I have happening when i strum. Any suggestions?

  8. Who thumbs down free guitar lessons? Oh… buy a bass.

  9. Nathaniel Gardiner

    Can you please do I lived it by Blake Shelton

  10. Nathaniel Gardiner

    Can you please do Better of gone by Logan Mize

  11. do you have a philipino wife?

  12. That is one snazzy guitar! What is it?

  13. Do coffee and cigarettes by never shout never

  14. Thanks once again. Hope you have an ice pack.

  15. Thanks Matt. Can you show us
    Best Night Ever- Chase Rice? I might have figured it out but I'd feel more comfortable if you went over it.

  16. Great job my friend!!

  17. Can you do a lesson on someday I gotta quit by Justin moore

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