Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson we will learn how to play Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress on electric guitar.


  1. Thanks man the Woodridge Wine commercial brought me hear!

  2. Me during the intro riff: “Aw yeah, it only took my self taught self about 2 hours to learn this, it’s not too bad!”
    Me at 5:45: 0_0

  3. When you hit the A+D strings in the basic E-chord riff, you're getting a pretty authentic sounding G. Thorogood tone from those humbuckers—with a Tele! Great lesson, thanks.

  4. Technically perfect a lesson as I've seen  KUDOS bro

  5. what effects pedal are you using and what settings on your amp for that music for the beginner we cant just lern that song without knowing all this to

  6. best lesson yet, this is the way,.

  7. Good lesson without being abnoxious like some other nerd lessons on here. Straight & to the point. Thank you!

  8. Octavio Prado Robles

    yeap these is the vest guitar lesson ,of this song ,thank you so much ,brother ,you are the vest ,greetings ,from mexico ,

  9. Possibly the coolest intro of any song EVER recorded!

  10. But what is that little rythm thats played by the other guitarist?

  11. Wow….great lesson. Love the camera angle at the bottom.

  12. Best video on this song available, thanks guys.

  13. Wow bro I'm a beginner on guitar and I'm starting to get it down you do a very good job of explaining the chords and the camera reviews 3 views at once that's awesome saves a lot of time on stopping and rewinding playing again

  14. Yes very good tutorial ,great camera angle and good clear instruction.

  15. You string you rock! In Spanish or English esta's pesado. Transalted mean's you'r bad.

  16. anyone else lost at 9:25? the barred chord to start is easy, but does he continue to bar the D and E string while scaling the A?
    What a bitch to learn. I'm hearing the E chord at a step and a half, but it doesn't sound correct when playing.

  17. Excellent tutorial! Very easy to follow and thorough!

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