Long May You Run – Neil Young – Guitar Lesson (ST-908) Acoustic

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Long May You Run – Neil Young
More info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-908-LongMayYouRun-NeilYoung.php
In this guitar lessons we’re checking out how to play the Neil Young classic, Long May You Run. Beautiful acoustic song and great if you play harmonica too.

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  1. Lars van der Heide

    This is great, thanks.

  2. Wonderful to find this beautiful song and such clear instruction

  3. Likes me, thanks. LG Heike

  4. Cool cover lesson Justin; you are good at singing songs such as that of Neil Young, Beatles, Pearl Jam and whole host of others; guitar excellent and always play so musical dude.

  5. You are the coolest person ever, dude.

  6. Very nice!

  7. Being able to teach is a gift, and this man has it.

  8. hi justin, great lesson as always.

    Do you know what key neil's harmonica is in for this one?

    Some people say c, others say d.


  9. Great tune, great lesson, great shirt.

  10. Justin, so many thanks for such effective yechniques.

  11. Justin, I too have been enjoying many of your tutorials. They are superb! Just a "correction" or suggestion regarding the second chord. I have the "official" NY songbook for "Complete Music Volume III [1974-1979]" and it says it's A/D or xx0220. It sounds right.

  12. He looks like Norm Mcdonald with a little John Travolta thrown in. Am I right?

  13. Awesome song and really fun to play. Please do more Neil Young!, I would love to learn playing Such a Woman :)

  14. thank you, justin. I was trying to play the b flat bar and slowing me up. I like the chord you use.

  15. love your tutorials

  16. No harmonica??!! Justin you're killin me… that sounded fantastic!  Gotta here you do that with the harmonica sometime.

  17. Justin you da man! your videos are always on point and you teach the songs the absolute RIGHT and correct way. always bummed when I can't find one of your lessons and have to settle for a 2nd rate video…that being said, can you please do a lesson for "Barricades of Heaven" by Jackson Browne. THere's some easy chords and some sweet picking walk-ups etc. want to learn to play this song the Right way, cheers from Texas

  18. Neil! 

  19. Thank you Justin been waiting for another Neil Young, keep it up man

  20. Justin – love this underrated Neil Young tune.  Thanks.   – Made a donation on your website and encourage others to DO THE  SAME  (wish I could do more) –   thanks for all the great lessons

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