Lost Boy Ruth B Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Check out this easy acoustic guitar tutorial for Lost Boy by Ruth B!

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  1. Friends them song

  2. Can you do “I don’t like you” -Grace VanderWaal

  3. The Dark Phantom Playz


  4. You are so good!!

  5. Damn, I was Just looking for this! Love you Marty!

  6. Everlasting Kingdom

    I dont get what he did at the end with each string

  7. Scarlet Gilliard

    Love the casual middle finger haha

  8. Kidgames 4life

    Whos watching in 2019

  9. Benjamin Michael

    Thanks again xx

  10. jennifer lawless

    I think your beyond great! I have a request…. Tumbleweed by afroman?!

  11. Maishalya Wright

    Thanks bro this was an awesome tutorial

  12. Top banana Marty son. Ta.

  13. Do here alica cara

  14. yisacher feldberg

    Can you please make the picking you are doing before the chorus explicitly clear? Thanks

  15. Cheers Marty, top job

  16. christina moran


  17. Please do a tutorial on the song castle on a cloud

  18. I just got a guitar for Christmas so this is kinda new to me it is also kinda hard

  19. Vanessa Bagley

    That was no help lol

  20. Shoot me

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