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In today’s tutorial we’re going to take look at a fantastic pop song, Lost on you by the LP. I will take you through all the different parts of the song and at the end you can play along the entire song if you want! Enjoy!
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  1. Hey everybody! For a complete PLAY ALONG: https://youtu.be/p378trFNt10 also enjoy this lesson with my TAB & CHORD SHEET at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/lost-on-you-lp-16370658

  2. Well done dude…

  3. Leandro Rodrigues


  4. Exelente cover amigo, te quedo perfecto

  5. This is the version I wanted to learn, thank you!❤️❤️

  6. I had never heard this song before but I like it; can't wait to learn it. I really like your channel and your teaching method. Please keep it up and thank you

  7. Great a tutorial video

  8. Merciiiiiiiiii beaucoup ..super tutoriel .. vous êtes au top

  9. Q caaapo ….nice tuto…

  10. De todos los tutos que venia viendo es el unico que se ha acercado con fidelidad a la canción gracias !!!

  11. Graciaas gran tutoriak

  12. Great playing and awesome tutorial, thank you so much! that's exactly what I needed when playing this song <3

  13. Stéphane Mairlot

    Hello thank you but i found this tutorial too fast too difficult
    Exemple with thé pull off you go too fast
    It’s nit for beginner but i recognise it’s good too to havé a tutorial very near the original

  14. Very Nice Guy! I like the mix between chords and notes… Great Job. Thanks a lot!

  15. Thanks! graet Teacher

  16. excelente tutorial hijo de puta!!! segui asi.. saludos!

  17. Perfect teaching

  18. Woow nice ♤♡☆

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