Love Her Madly by The Doors – How to Play Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Love Her Madly by The Doors guitar lesson with and Erich Andreas. In this video you will quickly learn the chords, and strumming pattern to play Love Her Madly.

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Hope you enjoyed this guitar lesson on how to play Love Her Madly by The Doors!

You rawk!

Keep up the practice!


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  1. Guitar Lessons with Your Guitar Sage

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  2. What type of strings do you use for your acoustic? Please let me know. I've been using the standard strings of my Epiphone ej-200sce and they don't sound as good of a quality as your guitar does.

  3. great lesson of a spectacular song! the doors music still sounds fresh after almost 50 years, insane!

  4. great teacher , great lessons and great guitar
    God Bless

  5. Excellent, but Krieger played a 12 strings acoustic for rhythm (and a Gibson ES-335 with 12 strings for the electric part).
    By the way his name is pronounced "Kreeger" not "Kriger".

  6. This guy is awesome!

  7. youre an awesome teacher mate

  8. Great job, Erich!

  9. Yngwie!!! Good video.

  10. Can you make a tutorial of Love Street by the Doors ?

  11. "C section" LOL, I really appreciate these vids man.

  12. F – D – G – E – Am  …. To be on the mark….

  13. yeah.. ive wondered the same thing as lee berry.. private lessons?

  14. Thank you Erich,great lesson again.The Doors is fantastic!

  15. Hey Erich, wanna trade that Gibson SJ-200 for a brand new Martin J40?

  16. fantastic lessons. love the fact you have started on the Doors. thanks from Scotland

  17. TheHabzukiDownloader

    Hey there! Do you have any tips on how to learn "keep in time" on guitar? I'm currently struggling with playing at the same tempo the whole song. Do you have any advices?

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