Love Yourself Guitar Lesson (Justin Bieber) How to Play | Electric Guitar Tutorial

Love Yourself Guitar Lesson (Justin Bieber) How to Play | Electric Guitar Tutorial

Check out my new electric guitar tutorial on how to play ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber. This song has a great guitar part that I wanted to transcribe and teach to you as it is played on the track. So there’s no beginner version this time. There are three sections to the song which I have broken down for you here.

The verse is using some 10th chord shapes (or compound 3rds) which I have discussed a lot in some other song tutorials. I review the concept though here with some explanatory fretboard diagrams. Some other songs using these chord shapes can be found below:

James Bay – Let It Go –
Tracy Chapman – Fast Car –
Daughter – Youth –
PVRIS – My House –

We have some percussive hits on beats 2 and 4 throughout the song. You will see that denoted in the tab with some crosses, which we refer to as ‘dead notes’.

The pre-chorus and chorus reintroduce some power chord shapes (which are ‘5’ chords) and a nice Aadd9 chord as a variation to a standard A major chord.

If you need guidance on anything in the video, I would suggest you check out my YouTube Guitarist’s Survival Guide which has loads of ideas and concepts for beginner guitarists. You can find it here –

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You can get a copy of the TAB for this lesson from my website. From the homepage click ‘SONGS’ and then ‘TAB’.

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  1. cool version!

  2. Fear Less Year Tori

    I found you because you liked a video of my on my guitar for the 1st time… & I'm glad… your awesome It's kinda makes sence to me & your attention to detail is what I love… although I've only been playing for a couple of weeks so this is way over my head but I'm gonna give it the beginning a try!

  3. Can you make a tutorial of No buses-Arctic Monkeys? please:/

  4. Awake In The Big Sleep

    I'm not sure if you take any requests but I'm really loving the new 'The 1975' record and theres two songs on the album that are acoustic that I think you'll like! They're called 'Nana' and 'She Lays Down' just wondering if you could have a listen to them and maybe in the future do a video? :')

  5. Nice, thanks dude

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