Love Yourself – Justin Bieber – Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) Chords

Justin Bieber Love Yourself Guitar Lesson. Tutorial with easy chords and no capo is used (Standard Tuning). Have fun!
► F A C E B O O K ► –

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  1. thanks you are good teacher

  2. actually the part you call the first part of the chorus is called the bridge and the section you call the bridge is called the middle 8. nice tutorial though

  3. can you please make it available for offline , it's alot more easier to learn that way

  4. Really really really good man! Thank you so much XD

  5. Hannah Jane Dela Trinidad

    What are the chords?

  6. asna – smile

  7. check out my band original number 'smile' recorded in 2007…

  8. Ana Marie Cagadas

    well played sir. I like it a lot. learned it even though my fingers were getting swollen already. thank you! really useful lovelots!

  9. Noah Delay Cruz

    fuck this vid fuck you! !!I can't see your hands! !you motherfucker!

  10. Noah Delay Cruz

    fuck this vid fuck you! !!I can't see your hands! !you motherfucker!

  11. your fingernails are out of control man sort them out

  12. VenturianGirl - VENTURIANTALE 4EVURE


  13. Can we perfom by Pick
    n I can't why
    n can we do with our own chords ???????????

  14. Which guitar are you using?

  15. really helped me earned a sub!

  16. Raphael Magdaraog

    can i have the chords?


  18. my name is connor and i dont like justin bieber, but my friend said that i should learn this song becuase its good finger-style practice, she was right, i usually play electric, and love the band Rush, but justin has some good tunes now and then. thanks fro the lesson.

  19. thanks bud

  20. thanks for this tutorial i've learn a lot but can you do avril lavigne happy ending?

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