LOVERGIRL Teena Marie On Bass Guitar Lesson – Hammer Pluck Slap

LOVERGIRL Play Through Bass Cover
The Time/Prince 777-9311 Bass Lesson
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  1. common diversity

    This channel keeps me out of so much trouble! Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Vladimir Medvedev

    Can you teach us Papa was a rolling stone? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Eric!

  4. Ronald Sassano

    Freaken nice, thanks

  5. Thanks Eric! Very interesting lesson and bass line. Another great music choice from the past too. Have you done any videos on Louis Johnson (Brothers Johnson) bass lines?

  6. I used to roller skate to this song back on the day

  7. Excellent tutorial. I rarely play with the plucking style used on this song so I love how you're showing exactly how it should be done. Thanks again!

  8. SHE STUDIOS [Sheila]

    I'm ready to learn this! Thanks, Eric!

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