Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD (Fingerpicking guitar lesson + TABS)

Learn how to play the intro of the song Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD. Sample taken from Sting’s song Shape of My Heart.

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  1. Im really struggling with it

  2. How do i do the b7 chord?

  3. your french ass is ga

  4. I am having trouble spreading my fingers enough for my pinky to reach the 2nd string on the 4th fret, any suggestions?

  5. can someone PLEASE explain the b7 part.

  6. 4:23 I can’t get my pink to stretch to the fourth fret while I have two of my fingers on the second fret 5th & 3rd string… is there another way I can play this part?

  7. You deserve many more subscribers man…

  8. I kept getting confused and taught this was a tutorial for hotel California

  9. Muchas gracias por el tutorial y muy buena explicacion 😀

  10. ur awesome thanks !

  11. It's actually a sting song

  12. I can't tell what the third part is

  13. Great help! thank you so much <3 I subbed :)))

  14. Awesome tutorial you should have more subs!

  15. Are you playing the same thing just with out the capo

  16. But the music is from the shape of my heart by sting

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