Lukas Graham – 7 Years Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play a great new song from Lukas Graham called 7 Years. Sounds great on the guitar – very easy chords!


  1. 1:501:52 im dying

  2. joshua dalisay


  3. Tumanako Te Aroha

    Nice keep it up

  4. love it..thanks

  5. BubbleGumpanda

    nice cover!:)

  6. Hey Fickle I plan on buying a guitar Friday and tbh dont know what to buy I keep getting told a 38"?

  7. Steve carrel is that you

  8. please help me i don't know how to read chords ir play then but tabs are easy

  9. You said "ma daddy told me, go get yourself a wife AND YOU'LL BE LONELY." Lmao

  10. yes thanks!!

  11. Rachel Woodruff

    would you answer me a ques. please. the first line is, Em G C D. is the second line, Em G C ? im not seeing you play the D on the next line. thanks.

  12. the tempo is a little too fast. is there any other strumming pattern at a slower tempo?

  13. this taught me a lot

  14. Thanks very much, useful, clear lesson

  15. Darrell Belgard

    +Fickle Mistress Dude THNX A LOT!!! I FINALLY MASTERED THE SONG!!!!

  16. Thanks ♥

  17. For the intro:

    1st String: 3rd,2nd,None(Frets)
    2nd String:3rd,None,3rd,None,3rd,None,3rd(Frets)

  18. Aaron gabriel99009 Sequina

    i want to save this ofline

  19. perfect ( you have french viewer ) :)

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