Luke Combs Beer Never Broke My Heart Guitar Lesson

Luke Combs Beer Never Broke My Heart Guitar Lesson

Beer never broke my heart! Check out this rockin country tune.

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  1. This song was a huge comeback for country music. Felt like everything was getting really cookie cutter (take GIRL).

  2. So much help for years

  3. Wow I love this guy

  4. Killer song, great lesson !! I’m gonna learn this inside and out to impress my guitar picking buddies!!
    Thanks again Marty !!

  5. SandlapperSportsmen

    Having a tough time with the strum patterns. Picking them up is a little hard for each song. Great teacher though

  6. pretty cool Marty!!! a girlfriend was a few weeks in vacation in the states and love this song. now I cann learnto play it. thanks!!!

  7. I wish I was as good as Marty

  8. I love ya, Marty! The lessons are non-pariel, the chops indisputable, and your approach REALLY helpful, Thanks for all you do!

  9. You and Tequila – Kenny Chesney

  10. Hey Marty, I’ve joined a band recently and one of the songs we want to do is, still in love with you by thin lizzy but I can’t find a video anywhere, could you do one?

  11. Heart Out – The 1975, please!

  12. Marty you dastardly handsome devil

  13. Can you pleeeeaaase do local hero wild theme by mark knopfler?

  14. Something really cool that you could add to these videos is what gear you're using to get the sound if there are any specific pedals or tricks with the amp or guitar. Thanks for what you do!

  15. Should I quit guitar? An just sell them? I mean I see these little kids and people on Facebook and YouTube just jamming out on guitar. And every time I pick up the guitar now I get really stressed out and depressed because I realize I can never get that good. I don't know where I'm at on the guitar. I learn beginnings of songs and then move on because I can't learn any more than that. Today I tried to relearn the Wind Cries Mary because I haven't played it in a year and that was the last thing I attempted to learn but I just can't do it. It just makes me so mad

  16. Marty I'd like to hear your take on Stone Sour's Through Glass. Sounds pretty easy, and there's lessons on YouTube already, but I'd like to see you come up with something a little different. Whadda ya think?

  17. Love to see a lesson in Jack Savoretti’s version of “Nobody Cept you”, not one decent tab or tutorial of it yet

  18. Marty you should do a video to teach how to play Pisces from the band jinjer please!!!

  19. do tribes – halfway home

  20. Could you have a lesson teaching u2 where the streets have no name ?

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