Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimme Three Steps Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’m teaching you how to play Gimme Three Steps by Lynrd Skynrd on electric guitar. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for watching another MartyMusic lesson! I'd love to hear from you, what would YOU like to see? Let me know!

  2. You are the man!

  3. Hey marty, i liked the vid with ed king. Can you do one with joe perry ?

  4. I gotta get my plug in one of that amps jacks.

  5. Is there any possible way you could teach Beth by kiss and let’s spend the night together by the stones thank you

  6. You can find the right tabs on the internet: gimme three steps pdf. These tabs are not correct, but also not very good, this song has some effects in it that you can't play with these tabs

  7. Thank you Marty! Every time I need some lessons, you got the videos!

  8. Marty,Your lessons are great.  I love the way you break each measure down and repeat everything slowly while putting it all back together.  You're my go-to guy for learning new songs.

  9. Hey marty can you do day of the eagle by robin trower?

  10. Great lesson thanks,  is it standard tunning?

  11. Great tones. Wow. Well done

  12. henryssurfshowcase

    Looks like tricky stuff..

  13. If your serious about learning to play skynyrd stuff the right way, don't watch the marty videos. Dude butchers most everything, especially lynyrd skynyrd stuff.

  14. this is how every guitar video should be!

  15. im going to follow this lesson till i master it.

  16. Marty, I'.m watching various tutorials of this song and they play the song halfway up the neck, while you teach us to play it way down the neck in open chord territory. Then I watched the band playing it and they play it way halfway up the neck. Any reason for playing it the way you do. I like it but just wondering

  17. Seriously helpful.

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