Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man – super easy beginner acoustic guitar song lessons

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  1. I have small ghands I can't Ge the chord without touching the other

  2. Combat Sports Fitness

    love those nifty picking/strumming tips at the end. looks hard to do but I will try to learn it!!!

  3. Ella's Awesome Life

    Marty, you have taught me so much❤️ thanks

  4. Huge help! i can play the song but i find myself breaking too much while switching chords. any tips?

  5. You are a cool jewish buddy

  6. I found this extremely helpful 🙂 thanks !

  7. bhai ng guitar makhondudi namaithhhuuu waahhh…. kya pi leirakeno…

  8. hello can you do the intro of America's Don't Cross the River together with the riff or the filler in the intro..please..thank you in advance

  9. Looks like he is on crack at 1:25

  10. When you played this song in the video, do you have your guitar tuned down half step or you have it in standard. Me and my friend usually play it as it is played in the original which is tuned down half step. What do you play this in?

  11. hey man ur a bd dude I been watching alot of ur videos and I've been learning alot I'm very interested in ur book and would like to know how to get it I really like ur lessons but I'm always on u tube I need to get WiFi lol

  12. Love ya brother. Good to see some of your vids. You helped me a ton years back

  13. hello , it looks like you teach the g one way and strum it another way not moving your index finger as much ? Sorry if I'm wrong I'm just learning. If I'm right is it just easier ?

  14. on what part of the strumming pattern do I change cords?

  15. You sir have taught me to play guitar, and for that I am forever grateful.

  16. super song – glad I found this! A LS fan from way back

  17. I absolutely love your video tutorials!! How can I get one of your free instructional e books? :-)

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