Lynyrd Skynyrd-Tuesday’s Gone acoustic guitar lesson

an easy simple tune hope you enjoy TAB:
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  1. Good GOD!! Speak up man

  2. Thank you. You helped me.

  3. is there an alternitive to the f minor

  4. Who Is This Whats My Name

    good job cause at leastbu hqve the balls to sing

  5. thanks man

  6. Hey thanks. Nice and simple. Great song. Go Patriots! !

  7. You should go on American idol

  8. honestly i think you forgot the d+9.

  9. Jason Christian

    your voice is fine bro

  10. Jason Christian

    hey good lesson but you the f/m a little wrong your third and pinky both go on the 4th fret play it like that is sounds better other than that nice job bro

  11. BrokeAssGamers


  12. BrokeAssGamers

    That's a f

  13. thejoysoftrout

    Isn't that an F sharp minor?

  14. Christian Brennen

    nice lesson man, your voice is fine too

  15. It's cool that you're explaining the chords in the most simple terms but IMHO if anyone's who's learning this song don't even know these basic chords they shouldn't be learning any full songs in the first place.

  16. @jwguitarman : Hey, "tough guy", don't get your panties in a bunch over this.

  17. Buddy, just tell them what chords they're using. E.G. D major chord or Z flat 'er whatever eh?

  18. @NavCorps1 go fuck yourself dude people learn in different ways

  19. Andy dick?????

  20. @NavCorps1 …dude these videos are mainly for beginners who might not know that stuff…besides im self taught and like to refer to the strings like that..its not that i dont know it, thats just how i taught myself…and if you dont like that then GO WATCH A VIDEO WITH "A FUCKING REAL MUSICIAN" AND STOP WASTING MY TYPING ENERGY YOU ASSHOLE.

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