lynyrd skynyrd – Tuesday's Gone – guitar lesson with lead how to play

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  1. Great job. Have you ever checked out a Yamaha THR-10 amp? If you have or will let me know. Aside from that what would you recommend for output levels on any basic amp or pedal for this song?

  2. Another tip to make it sound right it to use a slow phaser and roll the treble back on the guitar some.

  3. Diego Gonzalez Merito

    soy tu seguidor de México sube un vídeo tutoriales de la bamba

  4. Thanks Marty ! You make it easy ! I've learned a lot in just a couple of videos.

  5. Anonymous User

    Your ads suck and u didnt get close to the song

  6. Thanks for all of the invaluable lessons I have been taking from you for the last three or so years. My playing skills have increased exponentially thanks to you!! Thanks mensch, from a fellow MOT.


    Crazy how some folk complain the way the tacher is playing, yet come here to learn cuz they can't do it themselves. To the points stated by said people, Marty is showing the basics on how to play the song for the learning guitarist. This isn't the album, of course it doesn't sound exactly the same! Perhaps listen to live albums, you'll find not even the guitarists that wrote the music play it the same way. Lastly, why complain? You're getting FREE guitar lessons of some terrific songs! Mary is kind enough to post , teach, share and does a great job at it. "Thanks" should be written, not complaints.

    Marty, thanks for your teachings and hard work. You inspire and make learning guitar fun. Kudos to you!!

  8. Man just a few years later he was interviewing the great Ed King. Marty really has come a long way.

  9. Nobody ever teaches the outro lead solo or did I overlook it?
    Still much thanks for all your help with a huge variety of many other lessons Marty.

  10. I swear to god everything you play is wrong

  11. Hey Marty this is cool, always helpful…can you finsh the lick and do the main solo? Thanks Man!!! couldn't send my request on the request link

  12. My Practice Vids

    He is missing notes on purpose, he is deciding the easiest way to teach the song. If you need note for note, get the sheet music or figure it out by ear….he does a good job of getting you going on the song….for free I might add

  13. wildwood flower

  14. Another great lesson, thanks Marty

  15. RickyCarterMusic

    Id really appreciate for you to do a lesson over the intro for the song chicken fried other channels have lessons over it but they're not instructional enough yo know they are like ok do this then do this and do that but they dont really explain it well enough

  16. An excellent guitar instructor always leaves an opportunity to allow you to grow as a guitar player. THANKS MARTY.

  17. Thomas A Rollins Sr.

    Good Job, Marty, Been Jammin' with You, Papa and Justin, for almost 5 years, I think You all 3, I be Jammin' Good 🙂

  18. Hey Marty, I've been playing for about 5 days now and I'm trying to build callouses. I have blisters on all 4 finger tips and hurts really bad to play. Should I let the blisters heal or should I just suffer through it and keep playing? Thanks.

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