Ma rk Knopfler Showing his magic on an acoustic guitar

Another BBC interview
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  1. Ishwor Man Tuladhar

    While you are talking it sound me like that you are singing.

  2. Ismael Villalobos

    What song is that @3:28 ?

  3. To think he could have installed microwave ovens for a career

  4. What an underated guitar play he is,he should be in the worlds top 10 all greats

  5. if you call mister mark gay one more, dudE

  6. That's all Folks! Practice, practice and invent. You are only blocked by your lack of enthusiasm. Inspiration will eventually come to those that pursue and take the challenge.

  7. A lesson from a humble master

  8. "You've got to want to really do it." Quote for all times.

  9. Impresive but can you- wait wrong channel

  10. One of the greats,always went under the radar in a novel kinda way..

  11. Was that a lick from Reverand Gary Davis

  12. He talks guitar he does not use words …….

  13. Did I hear a bit of Simon and Garfunkel around the 3:10/3:20 point also Arlo Guthrie's, Alices Restaurant between 4:00 and 4:30

  14. So much respect for this man. A real dude and a true legend. Dedicated to his craft, with incredible love for what he does, and graciousness when he does it. There are many great guitar players, but there will never be another Mark Knopfler.

  15. i learnt with hands that didant even open and were twisted,the main joints not moving,but i went mad on the beatles age10+ by age11 i started a beatles copy band with my brother i played bass,it opened my left there are 4 generations of guitar playing song writers in my family,my 10 year old granddaughter is playing main stage this weekend at

  16. Giovanni Sovereto


  17. Screw you Mark Knopfler and your magical thumb.

  18. It's music! not watch me do this harmonic minor lick at 200 BPM

  19. Essential truths of tone, technique, taste, timing, sense of tempo and hybrid picking.

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