Mac Demarco – Freaking Out The Neighbourhood Guitar Lesson

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  1. Goon Squad Skateboarding

    Thanks bro


  3. 1:56 what is THAT chord?!? The rest is simple fo follow(thanks man!) But that is stumping me…

  4. fr fr thanks for the music theory part

  5. This is one of my favorite songs by Mac and being able to learn it is fucking gnarly thank you Djence for uploading this video and keep up the amazing work

  6. alright i got it down the right way now thanks for the video man ur the best for the indie guitar lessons

  7. oh fuck me i’ve been playing it without a capo and on the 9th fret this whole time fuck me

  8. these are tough

  9. Hey nice sounds bro, what's your amp?

  10. good vid bro

  11. the chords are easy but fuck its a ton of them lol

  12. D# is giving me trouble any alternate ways to play

  13. Can I do it without the capo?

  14. Very nice guitar and great lesson. Thanks!

  15. enseñai como el pico mono qlo

  16. did he use any pedal for this song?

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